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News & Insights

For all the latest news and events

Making a difference to John Wilcox

John has been in the real estate industry since 1980 and is the Licensee at Nimbin Hills Real Estate. “I get a lot of satisfaction helping people move. There’s nothing better than seeing a young couple coming in and then getting their first home.”

When John first started his business, he had to find a shop, recruit staff and secure funds. Fortunately for John, Summerland were able to help give him the opportunity to kick start his business.

“I feel like Summerland and I are partners because when I opened the agency, they lent me the money and have taken an interest in how the business is going,” said John.

Due to this experience, John has always looked to recommend Summerland to friends, with most of his staff also banking with the organisation. “Summerland are fantastic; I’d give them a 100% endorsement,” commented John.

However, John’s recommendation of Summerland goes beyond just helping him start his business, the staff are genuinely keen to celebrate his agency’s successes, he says. “When we won an award recently, all the staff from Summerland came down to congratulate us – you don’t get that kind of interest from any of the major banks.

“What I like about Summerland compared to some of the big banks is they’re small enough to know you personally, but large enough to give you all the services you’d ever want.”

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