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Making a difference to Ruth

Ruth is a Northern Rivers local, who’s just bought her first house. She tells the story of how she broke up with one of the big four banks – after a relationship of over 30 years and how Summerland’s Loans Expert, Penny, helped secure her dream home, ahead of a competitor.

How it all started

The funny thing is I only found the house I was going to buy about a month ago! There was another buyer and myself, who were competing to buy the same house. Following a deadlock in our offers, the real estate agent suggested a way forward: ‘whoever comes up with the money and exchanges contracts first can have the house’. For the next few days, it felt like I was living through a bad reality TV show!

I frantically rang my bank. After a long period on hold, they said it would take up to 14 working days to get approval for a loan on the house. I was gutted. I couldn’t believe after 30 years of banking with them, and when I needed them most, my loyalty didn’t mean anything.

‘What do I do now?’

Later that Monday, I spoke to a friend, who was a Summerland customer and she immediately told me to phone them. I was so surprised when I was able to book in a face-to-face meeting with one of their Loans Experts, Penny at the Lismore branch that same afternoon. It was certainly an awakening for me as it wasn’t a luxury I’d experienced at my old bank.

When I met Penny, she was so warm and understanding about my financial situation. By the end of our hour meeting she was really clear and gave me a better idea about the potential options available. I was so appreciative of that honesty.

By the time I saw my financial advisor the next day, on Tuesday, Penny had already gone to the trouble of preparing my home loan application. After I’d met her for a follow up meeting, later that day, I couldn’t believe she stayed on to finish my application – even giving me a recommendation for a conveyancer to boot.

On Wednesday morning, Penny phoned me again to advise that she got a valuer to see my property as a priority case. By Thursday morning, the loan was approved. I got the building and pest inspection done later that day – by the afternoon it was all signed off. It was such an amazing feeling.

How Penny made a difference

You’ve probably gathered that I secured the house, and a good two weeks before the other applicant. I can’t say it enough, but that was all down to Penny and Summerland.

In the past, I knew of Summerland, but I didn’t know that all the decisions were made locally within the Northern Rivers, which obviously speeds up the process. Compared to the big banks, where I would have had to wait up to 14 working days for a decision, there’s no comparison.

I can’t say enough about Penny. She shepherded my application through – like when she told the valuer my application was a priority case. I also liked that I had Penny’s direct number, and didn’t have to call the Contact Centre to get through. She made me feel more than just a number.

The statements are the opinions of the interviewee and should not be taken as financial advice from Summerland. Summerland loans are subject to lending criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges may apply

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