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B Corp certification.

Our Impact

Caring for the planet means caring for each other.

Putting people and planet first.

Since 1964, Summerland Bank has been the bold banking choice for communities across Northern Rivers NSW, South East Queensland, and beyond.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and community investment led us to become a certified B Corp in 2023.

Now, we proudly stand with thousands of businesses worldwide, using our influence for positive impact—with the scorecard to prove it. 

What is B Corp certification?

B Corp certification is an independent third-party verification that evaluates a company’s entire business model, governance structure, and social and environmental impact. The ‘B’ stands for ‘benefit for all,’ signifying businesses that go beyond the norm to meet high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. 

A B Corp prioritises people, planet, and communities alongside profit. Governed by the not-for-profit organisation B Lab, this movement spans thousands of businesses across nearly 100 countries and 150+ industries, employing over half a million people—all with a shared goal: contributing to an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

  • Overview of B Corp certification
  • B Corp standards
  • Social impact of B Corp
  • Environmental impact of B Corp
  • Governance and transparency
  • Legal requirements and certification process
  • Impact measurement and improvement
  • B Corp community and impact stories
  • Challenges and criticisms
  • Case studies and examples

The B Corp Movement.

The B Corp movement is a global initiative that seeks to redefine success in business by considering social and environmental impacts alongside financial performance. Through rigorous certification standards and a supportive community, B Corps aim to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable economy where businesses strive to make a positive difference beyond just profits.

Source: B Corporation

Celebrating B Corp month: a month of purpose and impact.

A month dedicated to B Corp businesses who are putting people and planet first. Read on to find out how our Summerland team showed up for B Corp month this year.