Transaction Enquiries

Looking for transaction information? Find relevant information below.

Transaction Enquiries

Looking for transaction information? Find relevant information below.

Disputing a card transaction

Here are some of the common reasons why you may wish to dispute a transaction made on your Visa debit or credit card:

  • The transaction was not authorised (fraud)
  • The incorrect amount was charged
  • Goods or services were not received
  • You paid by other means
  • You were charged twice
  • A promised credit or refund was not received
  • Goods that are defective, counterfeit or not as described

Before you contact us, you can check:

  • Was the purchase was made by a family member or another cardholder
    Was the purchase made in a foreign currency and was converted to Australian dollars
  • Does the business have another trading name which you don’t recognise

How to Dispute a Transaction

Contact us as soon as you decide to lodge a dispute on 1300 802 222 or by visiting one of our branches.

  • We may need additional information to support the dispute depending on the nature of your dispute, such as:
  • Description of goods or services purchased
  • Details of why you are disputing the transaction including emails with the retailer/merchant
  • Expected date of delivery of goods or service
  • Details including how and when a return was made
  • Details to support the cancellation of your purchase or subscription

Once we receive the information required to lodge a disputed transaction claim, we will lodge the claim on your behalf. We will act as a liaison between you and the retailer or merchant’s financial institution.

Fraudulent Card Transactions

You should contact us immediately if you suspect fraud has occurred on your card.

We will firstly cancel your card and order you a new card. You should receive your new card in seven to ten days.

You can continue to use your mobile wallet while you wait for your new card. For regular payments to continue, you will need to provide your new card details when it arrives to, for example; electricity or phone providers, streaming service providers etc.

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