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Transaction Enquiries

Looking for transaction information? Find relevant information below.

Transaction Enquiries

Looking for transaction information? Find relevant information below.

Disputing a card transaction

Here are some of the common reasons why you may wish to dispute a transaction made on your Visa debit or credit card:

  • The transaction was not authorised (fraud)
  • The incorrect amount was charged
  • Goods or services were not received
  • You paid by other means
  • You were charged twice
  • A promised credit or refund was not received
  • Goods that are defective, counterfeit or not as described

Before you contact us, you can check:

  • Was the purchase was made by a family member or another cardholder
    Was the purchase made in a foreign currency and was converted to Australian dollars
  • Does the business have another trading name which you don’t recognise

How to Dispute a Transaction

Contact us as soon as you decide to lodge a dispute on 1300 728 728 or by visiting one of our branches. Delaying making a report may result in losing chargeback rights under the card scheme rules.

  • We may need additional information to support the dispute depending on the nature of your dispute, such as:
  • Description of goods or services purchased
  • Details of why you are disputing the transaction including emails with the retailer/merchant
  • Expected date of delivery of goods or service
  • Details including how and when a return was made
  • Details to support the cancellation of your purchase or subscription

Once we receive the information required to lodge a disputed transaction claim, we will lodge the claim on your behalf. We will act as a liaison between you and the retailer or merchant’s financial institution.


A chargeback is a return of money to a payer of a transaction made under the card scheme rules. A chargeback operates like a refund – it reverses a transaction made on a debit or credit card.

You can ask for a chargeback in situations such as:

  • The merchant did not deliver the goods or services to you
  • The goods or services were not as described, counterfeit or defective
  • You were charged multiple times for the same transaction
  • You were charged the wrong amount
  • The transaction was not authorised, or fraudulent
  • You cancelled a recurring transaction

Firstly, try to resolve the issue with the merchant as this is the fastest way to get your money back. If you cannot resolve the issue with the merchant, contact us immediately. We have limited time to claim a chargeback depending on the various card scheme rules.

Fraudulent Card Transactions

You should contact us immediately if you suspect fraud has occurred on your card.

We will firstly cancel your card and order you a new card. You should receive your new card in seven to ten days.

You can continue to use your mobile wallet while you wait for your new card. For regular payments to continue, you will need to provide your new card details when it arrives to, for example; electricity or phone providers, streaming service providers etc.

Cancelling Payments

Direct Debits and Recurring Payments

Direct Debit

A direct debit is an automated payment arrangement established on your account using your BSB and account number. When you create a direct debit using these details, it permits a merchant or service provider to deduct an agreed-upon sum of money from your account into their own account at specified intervals. For instance, this method can be used to pay for services, bills, gym memberships, or to make home loan repayments.

To cancel a direct debit please complete the Direct Debit Cancellation Form. We recommend you also contact the merchant or service provider to advise of the cancellation. Cancelling your direct debit does not cancel your contract with the merchant or service provider.

Recurring Payment

A recurring payment is a regular automatic payment set up from your debit or credit card with a merchant or service provider. To arrange this, you’ll need to establish a Recurring Payment Authority (RPA) and share your card number, expiry date, and the 3-digit CVV number located on the back of your card with the merchant or service provider. This allows them to charge your debit or credit card.

To cancel a recurring payment, get in touch with the service provider and instruct them to terminate the service and ongoing charges. Always take into account any terms and conditions that the service provider may have regarding the cancellation of recurring payments. It is your responsibility to inform the merchant or service provider of changes to your credit/debit card expiry date. You can also contact us for assistance with stopping a recurring payment.

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