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About us

More than just a financial institution.​

About us

More than just a financial institution.

A braver kind of banking.

A local and personalised kind of banking, one with the customer's best interests at heart — that’s what we mean by brave.​

A bank that truly exists for the benefit of customers and the communities it serves — that’s what we mean by brave. A bank with strong and transparent environmental, social and governance principles — that’s what we mean by brave. Summerland Bank does a lot of things that are brave, and its what customers love us for.

Putting the power of banking back in your hands, we take a long-term community vision, and provide. We know that what’s good for our community is also good for business, and it’s what we’ve always done.

Why us?

Summerland is a community-driven customer owned bank committed to sustainability since 1964.​

Our rich heritage.​

Founded in 1964, Summerland Bank has been woven into the fabric of the Northern Rivers community for decades. Over the years, we’ve evolved, adapting to the changing financial landscape while staying true to our core values.

People matter most.​

Employing over 100 locals, we take pride in being a major local employer, contributing to the economic vibrancy of the region. Our team is passionate about serving the community and ensuring that our financial services align with the values of the people we serve.


A greener tomorrow.

We’ve been on a formal environmental journey since 2008 and have implemented over 250 initiatives into the business to reduce our carbon footprint. We are embracing eco-friendly practices, and promoting responsible banking, we’re striving for a greener tomorrow.

Sustainability at heart.​

Our commitment to sustainability is not just a recent endeavor—it’s embedded in our DNA. We prioritise ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and community wellbeing. 

Empowering community.

Our education programs aim to inspire and inform. From community workshops to school programs, we’re committed to nurturing a deeper understanding of issues and fostering a sense of responsibility for our planet’s well-being.

Beyond banking.

Our goal is to create a community that is inclusive, resilient, and supportive.By supporting local businesses, we aim to drive economic growth and contribute to the prosperity of the communities we serve.

Ready to join a braver kind of bank?

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Join the Summerland community.

Visit a branch.

Find your closest Summerland Bank branch and our friendly local team will be ready to help.

Call our 'Anywhere Branch'.

Give our team a call during business hours (8:30am-5:00pm AEDT or Northern Rivers time, Monday to Friday) on 1300 728 728.

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