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Environmental impact.

Our Impact

Caring for the planet means caring for each other.

Putting our planet first.

At Summerland Bank, we’re passionate about prioritising our planet. Since 2008, our sustainability program has gained momentum, propelling us toward carbon neutrality and minimising our impact.

Our recent B Corp certification, which adheres to rigorous global standards of transparency, accountability, and positive impact, underscores our commitment to people, communities, and the environment.

Our commitment to our region.

At Summerland Bank, we’re dedicated to minimising our environmental impact. Here’s how we’re making a difference…

It starts at home.

  • We set high standards for our energy sources (which are now 100% renewable), IT equipment, office paper, and kitchen and bathroom supplies. Only options with the least impact make the cut.
  • Our waste management processes ensure conscious sorting and treatment of recyclables, organic materials, and general waste.

Plastic-free debit cards? Yes please!

  • Plastic pollution is a serious concern. Did you know that every piece of plastic ever created still exists? To combat this, our cards are manufactured entirely plastic-free!
  • They’re crafted from a blend of corn starch and sugar cane—a renewable resource.

All for one and one for all.

  • Sustainability is a team effort. As a certified B Corp, environmental responsibility is woven into everyone’s role.
  • We each take responsibility for reducing resource consumption, recycling what we can, and contributing to Summerland Bank’s carbon footprint reduction.

Protecting our koalas.

At Summerland Bank, we’re committed to safeguarding koala populations and their habitats in our region. These iconic and adorable creatures face numerous threats, including habitat loss, disease, and climate change. That’s why we actively contribute through significant annual donations—more than just gestures, they reflect our unwavering dedication to preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of our area.

How can I help?

Every donation matters in our mission to protect and preserve the homes of our furry friends. To make a difference, simply deposit into Summerland’s Koala Conservation Account using these details:

Account Name: Koala Conservation
BSB: 728-728
Account Number: 2222-8244

You can also visit any of our branches to make a donation. Your generous support directly benefits Friends of the Koala and Bangalow Koalas, providing essential care and habitat preservation for our local koala population.

  • Ember: Rescued from the fires in Whiporie, NSW, in 2020. Ember made a full recovery and now has a joey of her own.
  • Pala: A young joey from Larnook, suffered from mild dehydration but recovered well and joined the crew at Koala Kindy.
  • Ivy: Rescued after her mum abandoned her in a cow paddock, Ivy has mild hip dysplasia and cannot jump or climb. She resides at Friends of the Koala.
  • Magnus: Rescued as a pouch young joey, Magnus struggled initially but now lives a happy wild life after being released.
  • Charlotte: Born with hip dysplasia, Charlotte was rescued from a busy road and now resides permanently at Friends of the Koala.
  • Temika: Lucky to be protected in the pouch after her mother was hit by a car, Temika spent time in Koala Kindy and was successfully released.
  • Kookie: Rescued in September 2022, Kookie is the smallest in care but incredibly adventurous. Soon, he’ll explore the wild in a plantation.
  • Gulliver: Gulliver loves cuddles and eucalyptus leaves. Rescued from a bush fire, he needs help to recover and find a new home.
  • Waratah: Also rescued from a bush fire, Waratah needs help to recover. Funds will be raised for her recovery.

Every Koala counts

Learn more about our partner, Friends of the Koala, and their journey protecting wildlife in the Northern Rivers and surrounding areas.

Where the locals go: Your guide to creating a sustainable sanctuary.

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the environment and save money in the process?  Summerland Bank invites you to join a growing community of eco-conscious homeowners.

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