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Proud to be Summerland Bank, with Jack Toohey.

Find out why we’re passionate about a braver banking alternative for generations to come.

Encompassing the traditional lands of the Bundjalung, Gumbaynggirr, Yaegl, Dunghutti and Biripi people, Summerland Bank is proudly located in one of the most uniquely beautiful parts of the world.

To mark B Corp month, we were joined by digital storytelling maestro, Jack Toohey, to dive deeper into what makes this place so special, and why we are so passionate about providing a braver banking alternative for generations to come.

Community at the Heart

Through the eyes and voices of our local community, our mission goes far beyond simply showcasing the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant bustle of local markets across the region. It’s about sharing real stories from real people: what keeps them up at night, what fuels their day, and what they envision for the future of our shared community.

“The strength of the community resonates throughout the whole year, but particularly in times of need.” — John Williams, CEO Summerland Bank

Through Jack’s eyes, we discover not just the faces but the fervent spirit of a community where going the extra mile is ‘just the way we do things’. From Flow Hive to Friends of the Koala and Lismore’s Tinnie Army, we see the resilience shown in the aftermath of floods to the sustainable strides we’re making for a greener tomorrow. Serving as a timely reminder that in a world feeling increasingly disconnected, there are still places where community still reigns supreme — this is not just our story; it’s yours too.

Banking with Purpose: Beyond the Bottom Line

Summerland Bank has been a vital part of these communities since 1964. A Certified B Corporation, we are aligned with a global movement dedicated to high standards of social and environmental impact. And we find ways of making that positive impact local by not only giving back to the community, but being of and for the community.

It’s our pledge to customers to prioritise not just profit, but people, planet, and purpose, doing whatever we can to foster a sense of belonging, and nurture an environment where everyone can feel at home.

“There’s a lot of businesses actually doing positive things, and that’s exciting because it’s an accelerator. You can do things fast, and banking is certainly an important part of that. Really looking at the connection between where our money is, what it’s being used for and what effect that is having in the world.” — Cedar Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Flow Hive

We believe it’s important we tell a story of resilience, of community-owned solutions, and of a bank that stands among its community. Our collaboration with Jack Toohey is about sharing Summerland’s customer-owned approach to banking and to the people and community that contribute to this – who we are and what’s important to us. Summerland Bank was created to strengthen and support the local community; founded on a belief in the power of the collective.

By switching to Summerland, you are becoming part of a movement that’s redefining what it means to bank.

Make the switch to Summerland Bank, where the locals go.

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