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Banking on a better future with Jack Toohey.

"Just because it's bigger, doesn't mean it's better"

Today, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with renowned digital creator and communicator, Jack Toohey, bringing a fresh lens and deeper insight to the world of customer owned banking.

At Summerland Bank, we have been customer owned from day one. That means our profits don’t go to external or overseas shareholders. Instead, they are returned to our members in the form of bespoke services and offerings, competitive interest rates, lower fees, quality customer service, and meaningful investment into our local community.

Since 1964, the way we bank has never been just about transactions; we’re about interactions. Our focus is on fostering relationships, understanding individual needs, and ensuring that our profits are reinvested for the benefit of our customers, not just the bottom line.

In our current economic climate and cost of living crisis, we believe this model of banking is more important than ever; one that resonates with the needs of everyday people and exists to serve the community.

Customer owned banks like Summerland are doing things differently, which is why we’ve joined forces with Jack Toohey, a talented storyteller and advocate for strength in communities. Jack shares our ethos of putting people first and giving the information needed to make informed decisions about matters that affect their lives.

Jack Toohey
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His eye for authenticity, breaking down complexity and capturing the human element in his content makes him the perfect partner to showcase the power of customer owned banking.

Through this collaboration, we aim to highlight the benefits to both individuals and communities of customer owned banking – a banking system where each customer has equal footing, regardless of the size of their bank balance.

Together, we want to remind people of the importance of good old-fashioned customer service and having your bank as a place where your voice matters, your concerns are heard, and your financial wellbeing is a priority.

Be sure to follow both Summerland Bank (@summerlandbank) and Jack Toohey (@jack_toohey) on Instagram as we celebrate the power of customer owned banking to return wealth to and rebuild communities — a model where people come first, where profits are shared, and where you’re always more than a number.

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