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What we do and don’t support.

Our Impact

Caring for the planet means caring for each other.

Our commitment to ethical banking.

At Summerland Bank, we’re more than just a financial institution. We’re a community-centric bank deeply rooted in ethical values.

Our commitment to fostering a sustainable and equitable world drives every decision we make, and informs our principled positions on banking, investment, and lending.

What we don’t invest in.

Our decision-making process, informed by comprehensive research and aligned with international sustainability standards, ensures our financial practices promote positive change and minimise harm. We do not directly lend to, invest in, or support organisations in industries we deem detrimental to the environment and society. By excluding these industries, we aim to inspire other institutions to adopt similar policies, contributing to a more sustainable, fair, and prosperous world for all.

No to fossil fuels.
Organisations involved in coal seam gas or fossil fuel exploration, mining and export.

No to tobacco.
Organisations whose primary business is the production, distribution or sale of tobacco products.

No to gambling.
Casinos or organisations whose main business is gambling.

No to live animal export.
Organisations who export live animals for meat by air or sea.

No to weapons.
Organisations who manufacture or sell weapons as their primary business, including guns and military weapon technology.

What we do invest in

While we are proud of what we don’t invest in, we are also proud of all the things we do invest in, in line with B Corp principles.

Yes to renewables and energy efficient technologies.

We offer specialised loans at competitive low rates for businesses and individuals looking to invest in renewable energy projects or technologies.

Yes to preserving natural heritage.

We proactively support projects designed to protect and preserve our natural heritage.

Yes to financial literacy in the community.

We provide scholarships and support workshops, seminars, and training programs that equip our community with the knowledge and confidence they need to fulfil their financial potential.

Yes to sustainable building practices.

Our buildings operate on 100% renewable energy, and we’ve implemented various resource-saving strategies throughout our business. When rebuilding our Lismore branch after the 2022 floods, we made deliberate choices—selecting environmentally sustainable and resilient materials. And this commitment to eco-conscious practices will continue to guide us in any future builds.

Yes to supporting locals.

We prioritise investments in local, small-scale sustainable operations, strengthening community resilience and encouraging locally sourced produce.

Investing back into the Northern Rivers

In the wake of the devastating floods of 2022, we faced a challenging decision about our future in the Lismore CBD. Recognising the importance of stability for our customers and the local business community, we chose to rebuild our head office in the heart of Lismore. This decision highlights our commitment to the Lismore community. Despite evaluating multiple options after the floods, we believed that reconstructing in the Lismore CBD was essential and closely aligned with our values.

Where the locals go: to contribute to conservation

Friends of the Koala are an inspiring organisation that have been doing great work for the local koala population for almost 40 years. They are the only organisation in the world to focus on all aspects of koala conservation – amazing right? This includes:

  • The rescue, rehabilitation, and release of our furry friends.
  • Protecting existing and planting new koala habitats.
  • Koala vaccinations and health research.
    Education and advocacy in our community.

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary