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News & Insights

For all the latest news and events

Celebrating B Corp month: a month of purpose and impact.

March was B Corp month – a month dedicated to B Corp businesses who are putting people and planet first. Read on to find out how our Summerland team showed up this March.

Having a month dedicated to showing up for our people and planet is great. But here’s the thing: community care isn’t seasonal. It’s a year-round commitment. Being a visible part of our community isn’t just good for business; it’s good for our souls and our planet. So, whether it’s March or May, let’s keep the ripple effect going.

Remember, fellow changemakers: purpose fuels progress. Let’s keep weaving kindness, sustainability, and compassion into our business DNA. Because together, we’re a force for good.

Let’s hear it for purpose-driven business.

Week 1: Kindness in full bloom

We kicked off the month with a dash of goodwill. Our team threw kindness around like glitter, spreading smiles across Lismore and beyond. Coffees, treats and blooms were gifted about town – and we proved that kindness is contagious.

Week 2: Ditch the disposables

Single-use plastics? Not on our watch! We handed out Summerland branded reusables, courtesy of our friends at @sense2lovesbranding, to our crew. From bamboo bentos to stainless steel sippers, we challenged everyone to say “see you later” to throwaway culture.

Week 3: Lifeblood heroes

Our team participated in @lifebloodau’s Financial Services Blood Drive this summer. Volunteer hours turned into blood donations, and our local blood banks felt the love – in Lismore alone our team donated enough blood and plasma to save the equivalent of 55 lives. Wow! What a fantastic team effort.

Week 4: Plant a tree, grow a home

Koalas – those endangered eucalyptus enthusiasts – need our help. We partnered with @friendsofthekoala and @inc.bangalowkoalas this month to raise funds and trees! Volunteers from our team signed up to swap suits for gardening gloves and participate in a local habitat planting event.

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