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Transforming waste into innovation.

We’re super proud of our uniform recycling initiative!

At Summerland, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond words—it’s ingrained in every aspect of our operations. So when the time came to refresh our brand, we saw an opportunity not just for change, but for positive action.

The transition from ‘Credit Union’ to ‘Bank’ meant more than just updating our signage and literature. It also necessitated a change in our staff uniforms. As we embarked on this journey, we were determined to do so in a way that aligned with our values and minimised our environmental footprint.

After researching ethical uniform suppliers in Australia, we were thrilled to find one that shared our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices throughout their supply chain. However, one challenge remained: what to do with our old uniforms?

With our logo embroidered on each garment, donating them wasn’t an option for security reasons. That’s when we turned to Upparel, a fellow B Corp business, for assistance. With a shared dedication to making a positive impact, we found a solution together.

All of our old uniforms were collected and returned to our head office. From there, we arranged for two pallets of uniforms to be freighted to Upparel’s facility in Melbourne for recycling. This decision not only prevented these clothes from ending up in landfills but also diverted the equivalent of 1508 kg of greenhouse gases from our atmosphere—an impact we can all be proud of.

But the story doesn’t end there. Through an innovative industrial tearing process, Upparel transforms these textiles into a fine, fluffy fiber. This unique recycled fiber serves as the foundation for UPtex, a revolutionary material that can be used for everything from packaging to signage to homewares—and beyond. And the best part? UPtex is completely recyclable, creating a true circular product cycle that minimises waste and maximises sustainability.

We couldn’t be more delighted to have turned what could have been a waste problem into a circular solution for our old uniforms. To see the transformation in action, check out this video.

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