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What are PayID scams? Learn how to protect yourself.

PayID scams refer to fraudulent schemes where scammers target individuals conducting transactions, particularly those selling items online, by exploiting the PayID service.

Summerland Bank recently came across a PayID scam where a customer selling a vehicle on Facebook Marketplace lost $1,000.

PayID scams target people selling items online. Typically, scammers will pose as buyers and:

  • Contact you very quickly, ask no or very few questions and won’t ask to see the item;
  • Want to pay for the item in advance and only using PayID;
  • Say there is an issue with your PayID and
  • Say they have resolved it by paying the relevant fee and ask for a
  • Reimbursement; and/or
  • You will receive fake emails purporting to be from PayID, your bank or other official-sounding organisation, with details on how to resolve the issue by paying a fee.

To protect yourself:

  • Remember: PayID is free! There is no such thing as “business” PayID or “upgrades”.
  • PayID or NPP will never contact users directly.
  • Be very suspicious of buyers that are quick to buy with no questions, inspections and refuse to use anything but PayID.
  • Block and report people who say you need to “upgrade” your PayID or offer to help you set up PayID – you are the only person who can set up your PayID.
  • If you have any doubt call Summerland as soon as possible.

Refer to Scamwatch for more information.

Cybercrimes can be reported to cyber.gov.au with reports forwarded to the relevant law enforcement agency.

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