Evans Head branch will be closed on Tuesday 23 July due to a planned power outage. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please call 1300 728 728 for further assistance



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Where the locals go: The resilient rebuild of our Lismore branch 

Discover how this flagship branch has been transformed into a testament of strength, with cutting-edge flood-resistant designs that promise more than just survival.

Watertight vision

When it came time to refurbish our branch, we knew we had to do more than just patch things up. We wanted a branch that could withstand repeated flooding while still providing top-notch service to our customers. Thus, our flood-resistant vision was born. 

Built to endure

Flooring and walls built to last 

  • Epoxy finish on floors: Slip-resistant and impervious to water, our floors are ready to weather any storm. 
  • Cement render and composite laminate on walls: These materials not only look sleek but also stand strong against floodwaters. 

Flood-resilient materials

  • Glass, aluminium, and composite laminate: From the branch to the kitchen, lockers, and toilets, we’ve chosen materials that can withstand even the fiercest deluge. They’re easy to clean, too. 
  • Bolted desks: Securely bolted to the floor, these desks won’t be going anywhere during the next flood.  

Ceiling-free zone

  • Exposed ducting: Ceilings in the rear of the ground floor? Who needs them? Instead, all amenities will be stored in exposed ducting on the concrete ceiling. Practical and flood smart.

Mobility matters

  • Desks that disassemble: When the waters rise, these desks can pack their bags and head upstairs with chairs and portable drawers.  
  • Portable computer equipment: Computers, teller cash recyclers and coin machines – when the next flood warning comes these nomads can head to higher ground. 

Easy cleanup crew

  • Staff lockers: A quick hose-down, and they’re good as new.
  • Freestanding dishwasher and fridge: Upstairs or downstairs, they’re ready to roll.
  • Lights with 240V connectors: Remove them and reuse them – no fuss.
  • Wet area gyprock: It laughs at water, unlike its standard counterpart.
  • Sound Panels: Easy come, easy go.
  • Unpluggable cameras, smoke detectors, and security keypads: Flood? No problem. Unplug and evacuate.
  • Timber-free bathrooms: No soggy wood here.
  • Water-safe composite laminate doors: Keeping the wet stuff out.
  • Openable back windows for moisture escape: Less mould, more fresh air.
Beacon of resilience 

As the sun rises over the rebuilt Lismore Branch, we’re reminded that resilience isn’t just about survivingit’s about thriving. Our doors are open and our commitment to this community is strong. Come on in we’re here to weather the storms together. 

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