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We're customer owned.

Why it matters.

We're customer-owned

Why it matters.

Summerland - a braver kind of bank.

Summerland Bank believes in the power of putting banking back into the hands of the community.

A bank that truly exists for the benefit of customers and the communities it serves — that’s what we mean by brave. A bank with strong and transparent Environmental, Social and Governance principles — that’s what we mean by brave. Summerland Bank does a lot of things that are brave, and it’s what customers love us for.

Putting the power of banking back in your hands, we take a long-term community vision, and provide. We know that what’s good for our community is also good for business, and it’s what we’ve always done.

What does customer owned banking mean?

Customer-owned means, unlike the major banks, our profits don’t go to external shareholders. Instead, they are returned to our customers in the form of better interest rates, lower fees, quality customer service, and meaningful investment into our region.

Customer-owned since 1964.

Since 1964, the way we bank has never been just about transactions; we’re about interactions. Our focus is on fostering relationships, understanding individual needs, and ensuring that our profits are reinvested for the benefit of our customers, not just the bottom line

Your share, your say, your voice counts.

Every customer has one equal share, and the right to vote at our annual general meetings.



When we succeed, we all benefit.

Our profits are returned to our customers in the form of better interest rates, lower fees, quality customer service, and meaningful investment into our region.

Part of a thriving local economy

We are dedicated to better banking, stronger communities, and going beyond the traditional definition of what a bank ‘should be’ to provide a braver banking alternative.

Our owners really are our customers.

We aren’t listed on the stock exchange and are committed to putting the power of banking back in the hands of our community.

Protecting what matters most.

We are committed to minimising our footprint, and we are proactive in supporting projects designed to protect and preserve our natural heritage and see this unique part of the world thrive.

An integral part of our community.

We operate on the principles of reciprocity. Our customer’s invested wealth enables us to invest back into our shared community.

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