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Supporting Koala Conservation

How we partnered with Friends of the Koala.

Meet our furry friends!

Nurturing Nature

We are proud to announce our partnership with Friends of the Koala, a non-profit organisation that works to protect and restore koala habitats in the Northern Rivers region.

Koalas are an iconic and beloved species that face many threats, such as habitat loss, disease, and climate change. That’s why we decided to support their efforts by donating $5000 to their cause in 2024. This donation is more than just a gesture; it’s a reflection of our commitment to preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of our home. Together, we hope to make a difference and ensure the survival of our furry friends.

To learn more about the amazing work that Friends of the Koala do, please visit their website below.

Contributing funds for our fluffy friends

Would you like to make a donation?

Every donation counts in our mission to protect and preserve the homes of our beloved koalas. With your generous support, we can ensure a brighter future for these iconic Australian animals.

To contribute, simply deposit your donation into our Koala Conservation Account using the details below:

Account Name: Koala Conservation
BSB: 728-728
Account Number: 2222-8244

You can also make a donation in branch or utilise your internet banking to transfer funds securely. Your kind donation goes directly Friends of the Koala and Bangalow Koalas, enabling them to provide essential care and habitat preservation for our local koala population.

Get to know our koala pals

Our branches have adopted their very own furry friend! Get to know each of the Koala’s and some of their lived experience.


Our Bangalow team adopted Ember after being rescued from the devastating fires in Whiporie, NSW, in 2020. Ember’s health improved, and she made a full recovery thanks to the expertise of the Friends of the Koala veterinary team. Ember was released back into the wild and has now been spotted with a joey of her own!


Pala was adopted by our team at The Pines, Elanora from Larnook. Pala was a young joey who suffered from mild dehydration. After being very active at home-care, Pala couldn’t wait to join the crew in Koala Kindy at FOTK. 


Ivy was adopted by our Grafton team who in May 2020, was rescued after her mum abandoned her in a cow paddock. Ivy has mild hip dysplasia, which means she cannot jump and struggles to climb. The likelihood of Ivy surviving in the wild was slim, so luckily Ivy can call Friends of the Koala home thanks to Summerland!


Magnus was adopted by our Anywhere branch. Magnus was a pouch young joey that may have been abandoned by his mum when he was rescued in October 2021. When Magnus was big enough for release, it took him longer than most to understand that he needed to find his own food in plantation. Magnus loves being fed easy fresh leaf in the FOK care centre. After a few failed attempts he is now out living a happy wild life.


Charlotte was rescued in January 2018, when she was found alone in the middle of a busy road. Charlotte was born with hip dysplasia and has trouble jumping like other koalas, so she is a permanent resident at the Friends of the Koala alongside her BFF Ivy. Our Head Office are proud to have adopted Charlotte.


Our Nimbin team has adopted Temika. After her mother was hit by a car, she was lucky to be protected in the pouch and rescued. She was only five months old at the time and spent over 7 months in FOTK Koala Kindy, learning all the skills she would need for the wild. Temika thrived in care, growing strong and healthy. Thanks to the dedication of her carers, she was fully vaccinated and successfully released in January 2023.


Kookie was rescued in September 2022. Even though he is the smallest in care, he is usually found at the top of the ladder. Soon Kookie will head off to a plantation, where he can explore the wild! Kookie was proudly adopted by our Lismore team.


Gulliver was adopted by our lucky Casino team. He is a local Koala who loves to cuddle and eat eucalyptus leaves. She was rescued from a bush fire and needs help to recover and find a new place to live. We’ll share how we will be raising funds for Gulliver’s recovery soon.


Waratah is a local Koala who loves to cuddle and eat eucalyptus leaves. She was rescued from a bush fire and needs help to recover and find a new place to live. We’ll share how we will be raising funds for Waratah’s recovery soon. Our Ballina team are stoked to have adopted Waratah.

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